Three One-Act Plays – is just around the corner!

GAP’s next production – Three One-Act Plays – is just around the corner!  We hope you can join us:

From the cornfields of Iowa to the ramparts of Buckingham Palace to the middle of the ocean, three intriguing, fun and thought-provoking one-act plays are coming to the stage of the Glen Arbor Players from September 28-30.

Director Jan Dalton has cast a talented and accomplished ensemble of nine actors, playing multiple parts in an “enhanced” readers’ theatre format.

TRIFLES, Susan Glaspell’s one act play about a woman arrested for the murder of her husband, was first performed by the Provincetown Players in 1916. Written during the First-Wave Feminist movement, the play explores the dangers of restrictive gender roles and the fundamental injustices of a patriarchal society.

THE DARK LADY OF THE SONNETS is a 1910 short comedy by George Bernard Shaw in which Willian Shakespeare, intending to meet the “Dark Lady”, accidently encounters Queen Elizabeth I and attempts to persuade her to create a national theatre. This fun play was written as part of a campaign to create an Shakespeare National Theater in 1916.

OUT AT SEA is a story of the selfish, the sharp-witted, and the eager by the master of absurdism, Slawomir Mrozek. A fat person, a medium person and a thin person are stranded at sea with no hope of rescue. As supplies dwindle, they realize the only way to survive is to eat one of them. There is just one civilized thing left to do–campaign. And what is a campaign without a little scandal?

The plays will be staged at the Glen Lake Church, 4902 W. Macfarlane Rd, Glen Arbor on September 28-30 at 7:30 pm. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.